Angelia Style "Chicken Fundido"

We're not sure what to call it, but it's FABULOUS and may replace my weekly (okay, it might be 2-3 times a week) "Taco Salad" meal.  Only Bryson and I eat the actual taco salad, and we're also the only ones eating this. :)


However much chicken breast you have on hand
Leftover pinto beans, refried beans, or canned black or red beans
Sliced onion
Mexican/Taco Seasoning
Olive oil

So we cut our chicken breast into strips, and sprinkled with the Homemade Mexican/Taco Seasoning we made.  Then I grilled onions in some olive oil until cooked through, and removed them.  Then I grilled the chicken in the olive oil until they were cooked through, and added the onions and the beans until all was heated through.  Then top with cheddar cheese,  cover with a lid and turn it off.

THEN YOU EAT IT. I just eat it straight, but you could use tortillas (I wasn't up to making them tonight) or tortilla chips. Fab-O!


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