No Knead Bread

No Knead Bread

To begin:
dissolve 2 TBSP yeast in ½ cup warm water

Heat the following:

1½ cups milk or water
¼ - ½ cup sugar or honey
½ cup butter or coconut oil
1½ teaspoons salt

Place 6 cups of white flour, or if you want wheat bread use 3 cups whole wheat flour and 3 cups white flour into your stand mixer bowl. Add yeast and heated mixture, and start mixer on low (cover it up- or it could fly all over your kitchen). While it's mixing add 2 eggs and incorporate them. Then turn to high and mix until it's all mixed well. If it's sticky, add ¼ cup flour and continue mixing. If it's still sticky, and when it's humid here sometimes it is, I just add ¼ cups of flour and mix until it's smooth and elastic.

Cover and let rise 15-50 minutes until double.

Take it out, stir it down (you can use the mixer if it's still in the mixer bowl, or take it out and smash/knead it down).

This will make 2 loaves, 1 loaf and 12 rolls, or 24 rolls. Divide dough in half and make into whichever of the previous you need. Place in GREASED pans, cover and let rise until doubled.

For loaves: bake at 350° for 30 minutes or until golden brown.
For rolls: bake at 375° for 10-20 minutes until golden brown.


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