Fresh Salsa

I recently purchased 20# tomatoes from a wonderful farm, since my tomatoes are still green and small, with the intention of making and preserving salsa.  It is SO FABULOUS I could eat it all day (unfortunately) and I'm hoping the pints that I'm canning will still be fabulous when we get to them.  Here's the recipe, I combined a few and added my own stuff in addition!

Fresh Salsa

3  c  chopped tomatoes
½  c  chopped bell pepper
1  c  diced onion
¼  c  fresh cilantro
2  TBSP minced garlic
2  TBSP  lime juice
4  tsp  chopped jalapeno, including seeds
1  tsp  ground cumin
1  tsp  sea salt
½  tsp  ground black pepper
½  tsp ground white pepper

I didn't actually measure everything, except I made sure to use 2 full tablespoons of lime juice for each batch.  For the onion, I used one small red onion and one small yellow onion (both purchased from the same farm where I got the tomatoes).  The cilantro I actually just used half of a bundle from the grocery for each batch. I left the band on them, rinsed them in the sink, and used kitchen shears to cut off half of everything above the band.  Threw it in the blender with everything else.  I put my onions, peppers and lime juice in the bottom of the blender, just to make sure they were thoroughly chopped up (crushed?) and the lime was for sure mixed in with everything.

I put it all in the blendtec, and processed until almost completely smooth (I don't like chunky salsa). Viola!  SO FABULOUS.  I'm keeping 2 quarts in a tupperware container in the fridge, and I'm canning 8 pints.


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