Microwave popcorn- NO PAPER BAG version

So excited!  I've been trying to make homemade microwave popcorn in brown paper bags, but it only makes a tiny amount for me at a time, and usually there's a lot of kernels left over and/or burnt popcorn in the middle.

So I've looked and looked around online for a recipe not using paper bags, found a few and combined a few. Here's what I'm doing (and it works!)

I use:

10 cup microwave safe glass bowl
vented microwave cover (has to be vented or the bowl can explode, I heard)
2 TBSP butter
sea salt
1/3 cup popcorn kernels

I just made it melting the butter first, then add the salt and popcorn and swirl around to make sure it's all coated.  Put the vented lid over the top, micro for 3-4 minutes (mine takes 3 mins 20 seconds) until there's 1-2 seconds between pops.  Done! USE POTHOLDERS or a towel or something to remove from microwave- it will be EXTREMELY HOT for a LONG TIME after it's finished.  Both my kids had 2 bowls of it, pronounced it "good", and are asking for more.  This batch made about 8 cups of popped corn.

this is what my vented microwave plate/food cover looks like. I don't think yours has to be collapsible though.  You could probably cover with that sticky paper saran wrap stuff, if you put it on tight and poke holes in it?!


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