Angie's New Higher Protein Morning Eggs / Yummy new egg recipe!

I've been eating an egg with low-fat turkey sausage and cheese for breakfast almost every morning for weeks and weeks. I don't really mind it, but it was a lot to have to eat just to get my protein in for the morning. Many WLS 'friends' kept telling me they eat cottage cheese, which honestly sounds so horrible I can hardly stand it. I like it cooked alright, but not straight by itself. Eeew.

So I started thinking maybe I could cook it into my morning scrambled eggs. This morning the cottage cheese plus the cheddar worked out to look and taste a lot like velveeta- all creamy and smooth and yummy. So I thought I'd share. I am planning to add chopped spinach to the mix,I just haven't bought any yet. I may try to get fresh spinach from the Farmer's Market this week... otherwise I'll have to use some other kind.

Angie's New Higher Protein Morning Eggs


2 eggs (I use Eggland's Best)
1 c LOW FAT cottage cheese
1/2 c (okay, sometimes I use more...) low-fat cheddar cheese
2 oz low-fat turkey sausage (the kind in the big round link, like Hillshire Farms smoked sausage)
butter for the pan
pepper to taste

I put the butter in the pan on medium to melt and scramble the eggs w/a little milk in a small bowl. When the pan is hot I add the chopped up sausage for a few minutes until it starts sizzling. Then I add the eggs, and don't let them set up into an omelet-type operation on the bottom of the pan- keep stirring them. When they're about halfway cooked, I add the cottage and cheddar cheeses, and keep stirring. I like my eggs tacky anyway, but after a few minutes the cottage cheese and cheddar kind of melt down and run together (keep stirring) and it starts looking like eggs with velveeta. I serve it with toast, and I can only eat half of the egg recipe (at most) so it lasts me a couple days at least.

It is SO FABULOUS- I'm muy impressed. I forgot to take a picture, but I'll probably make it again. Maybe I'll snap a photo of it with the spinach!


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